Polygraph Services
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Polygraph Services

  • Confidential Attorney Testing

    We offer confidential testing of attorneys’ clients in criminal matters. We offer a tool that may prevent criminal charges being filed if the client can pass a polygraph examination. Prosecutors are also more likely to engage in plea negotiations when a client is able to pass a polygraph examination.

  • Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Testing

    Davis & Associates Polygraph, Inc. offers you our combined thirty-five (35) years of law enforcement experience and twenty-seven (27) years of polygraph experience. One of the most important steps a law enforcement agency can take in the hiring process is a pre-employment polygraph examination. This includes candidates for jail, dispatch, records, patrol, and probation officer positions.

    We offer three (3) separate and complete polygraph tests for one price. We inquire about a complete history of the applicant’s background including, residential, employment, theft, criminal history, and use and sale of illegal substances.

    We urge you to begin sending your applicants to us for screening and see the results you receive. Applicants for law enforcement positions need to be completely honest and truthful or they don’t need to be in law enforcement at all. We know you are not looking for a perfect individual however you must expect someone who can be honest during the hiring process.

  • Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing

    Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing is the fastest growing process in management of convicted sex offenders in the United States. Probation/parole officers and judges have been extremely pleased with the results of our behavior assessment of the offender using polygraph.

    We offer a variety of testing procedures all approved by the American Polygraph Association PCSOT protocol. We meet or exceed all standards spelled out by the American Association of Police Polygraphists and ASTM. We offer Instant Offense testing, sexual history testing, and maintenance and monitoring testing. We offer bi-level testing for re-offending behaviors and for monitoring behavior such as use of pornography, contact with minors, domestic violence, and curfew violations.

  • Sexual Addiction

    We have been expanding our services for the testing of those fighting sexual addiction. If you have a loved one addicted to pornography or adult chat rooms we can refer you to a group in your area for counseling. These groups use polygraph for accountability and help to break the denial of living with addiction.

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